The big 5-0. (Happy international Womens day)

It seems appropriate that I blog about how I celebrated my 50th on international women’s day since I couldn’t have done it without the help of some incredible women. When I turned 49, last year, I wanted the journey into 50 to be significant. So I started that birthday with gathering together some of the best girl friends I had. Of course they couldn’t all make it but I had quite a showing. That evening was all about womanhood and sisterhood and sharing advice and enjoying each other without judgement.

As a wife and mother I enjoy the company of my husband and children but I find that some of the most authentic time is that spent with other women. My sister friends.

That night the idea of how I wanted to spend my 50th was born. I knew I wanted to travel out of the country. I toyed with the idea of Fiji but in the end decided with the help of a friend on Turks and Caicos- for many reasons. I mentioned my plan to celebrate on an island with some friends and had such interest that I decided to open it up to a lot of my girl friends. The open invitation was sent via email and to my surprise 15 girls decided to travel with me.

This was a trip we started planning 8 months prior. The anticipation built as we got closer. We set up a group text with initially monthly then weekly teasers. I don’t think any of us had ever travelled with that number of women before. I can’t speak for the other ladies but I had some hesitation and nervousness about this many women together. There is bound to be drama. And I so wanted this to be drama free. I knew each of the women but they did not all know each other- yeah- that’s why I was worried.

The trip date finally arrived and 13 of us flew out together on the same flight. I knew from then that I had nothing to worry about. The party and the bonding started on the flight.

Once we arrived on the most gorgeous resort in paradise and met up with the other 3 women, I have to say and at this point I think I can speak for the others that we had one of the best time of our lives.

The scenery was amazing

The food was delicious

We went boating, some went sailing, diving, parasailing.

We sunbathe, had spa treatments, exercised.

We ate at world class restaurants and went dancing.

We stayed up late and talked and played games.

Time spent here was incredibly carefree and easy.

Yes that’s a rainbow- can’t make this s**t up!

In reliving and reviewing and recounting the story of my big 50th celebration to people, the most common response is “wow how did you get that many women to travel with you?” Well the answer simply is that I didn’t have 15 women travel with me to celebrate my birthday because I am special. No these women came out because we were all in need of this trip. This is all part of the living while we balance that is at the center of my blog. These are women who have spouses, children and jobs. They all saw the value of getting away for a few days to recharge. These were 4 days where we could get back to be who we were before spouses and kids and jobs. We could be carefree for a few days.

I encourage all women to do this from time to time. It will make you a much better wife, mother, and better at your job as well. Remember you cannot care for others if you are broken down.

My fantastic posse of sister friends.

I hope this gives you an idea about how you can celebrate an upcoming big birthday. Please share other great ways you celebrated.


14 Comments on “The big 5-0. (Happy international Womens day)

  1. So we both turned 50 recently! I bet you feel younger though, right? Your vacay looks amazing and well-deserved. Thank you for sharing your trip with me…wish I could have been there myself! You are setting a good example of self-care and self-love, appropriate and needed at any age. God bless you, beautiful. xo

    • Awww. Thanks for reading my post. Happy belated birthday to you!!! I do feel younger- except for the aches and pains- lol.

  2. Wow!! First i would like to wish you a happy belated 50th birthday! You looked amazing!! After reading your post, i would like to say that I’m am honor that you share your trip with us. Its great that you have that sisterhood with these ladies and that they actually came out to support you. I’m glad you had a wonderful time!!

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