Quality over Quantity 10 ways to improve your quality of life.

A patient said to me today as we were discussing her cancer diagnosis – “I can only control the quality of my life not the quantity…”

Wow! How true! How profound!

This got me thinking. We all live on borrowed time and no one knows what’s coming. We could get hit by a bus on the way home. We could be diagnosed with a fatal illness. Our lives are so fragile and tenuous yet a lot of us take it for granted. We spend so much time obsessing over things that are not important.

If you died right now, what would your legacy be? What would be said about you? Have you lead your best life? Have you led a quality life?

What are the ways we could improve the quality of our life right now. These are 10 of my suggestions

1-Take care of your body. Remember this body will last you for as long as you are here, so take care of it.

*eat healthy


2-Be friendly and Love unconditionally. It takes so much energy to hate and to frown. Smile and spread the joy.

*hug your kids/spouse

*tell your family you love them often

*smile and say hi to the neighbors, co workers

3-Be a good friend. Call and catch up with friends from time to time

4-Do something nice for someone less fortunate. We are all in this together. You may be the one who needs help some day.


*make a donation

5-Don’t over commit. It’s okay to say no from time to time. Stress does not look good on anyone

6-Don’t leave things half done. You are better off not starting than doing it half assed

7-Don’t procrastinate. You may not get another chance

8-Do something nice for yourself. When you feel good, it’s so much easier to make everyone else feel good.

*get a massage


*take a trip

*watch a movie

*read a book

9- Believe in something. I really don’t want to talk religion but a belief in something, someone will get us through the darkest times.

10-Be an overall good person. I don’t care what God you believe in but the 10 commandments pretty much cover the basics of being a good person.

If you can do these things, I believe that you are well on the way to having a great quality of life and it may even help with the quantity.

What did I miss?

Please let me know other ways to improve the quality of our lives in the comments.


19 Comments on “Quality over Quantity 10 ways to improve your quality of life.

  1. Omg, iv been looking for something like this for age πŸ™‚ I love your blog already! Keep up the great work girl πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Well thank you! You too. I’m loving all the beauty advice

      • Will definitely be reading the rest of your blog πŸ™‚ hope your having a great weekend xx

  2. Interesting. I agree with everything. Number 1 most especially πŸ˜€. Going on an adventure is something I would not mind doing.

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  4. Yeah, nice one! It is good to invest our lives, as we all live on borrowed time, the profit will come handy!

  5. Great post! You have perfectly described the basics of how to make the most out of our lives. I would maybe add “taking risks” to the list. Sadly, most people live their lives like theyΒ΄re never going to die (I feel a little bit like a hypocrite writing this and smoking a cigarette at the same time).

    • Thank you for reading. Yes risk taking- definitely a good one.

      • Then you have great advice for all of us doctor,it just are people ready to follow all you written.

      • These are all suggestions based on my experience. Hope people choose to follow them. Thanks for reading my blog.

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