Multitasking – how I incorporate reading and exercise

There is so much to do and so little time. Do you feel like you are constantly trying to catch up. Trying to squeeze way too much into 24 hours. That’s how I feel. This is so much worse when you are a mom, a wife or have to work.

When you have to balance getting kids to and from school, their various after school sporting and social activities, making a nutritious dinner, making time for your spouse and still handling your business at work, there is very little time left over for things like reading and exercise. I’ve learned over the years the art of squeezing in these things without making it look like I am. Essentially I have mastered the art of multitasking.

I will share how I incorporate reading and exercise into my daily schedule.

I am a lover of all things books. A few years ago I found that I was not reading like I used to. How can I manage all the aspects of my life and still find time to read. I found out about audiobooks back then but really resisted the idea of them. As a self proclaimed bibliophile I turned up my nose at people who listened to books on tape. What? No actual paper? No turning the pages? No curling up in a corner with a good book?

Well I finally had to give in and go to the dark side and you know what? It’s been the best thing ever.

I can now listen to my books while cooking, cleaning, walking or driving.

Try it. It will change your life.

The second trick I will share is that of making time to exercise. As we know exercise is important for heath maintenance and disease prevention not to mention help us look good in those swimsuits- summer’s coming folks!

With all I have going on making time to exercise is the last thing to make it on the list. But let me ask you this. Do you have a favorite show that you DVR and try to catch up with every night? What about the evening news? One of the late night talk shows? Well if you have an hour to spare watching TV you definitely have time to exercise.

All you need to do is park your treadmill or stationary bike in front of the TV. You would be surprised how many miles you get through by the end of your show.

And if you have spare time you can listen to your audiobook while exercising.

This my friends is multitasking or killing two birds with one stone.

How do you incorporate reading and exercise into your daily life?

Please share your thoughts and suggestions.


10 Comments on “Multitasking – how I incorporate reading and exercise

  1. I am such a book snob and have yet to make my way to the audiobook darkside. I have heard from many people who prefer books is to stick with it and eventually I’ll learn to love it because it’s so much more productive!

    As far as watching tv whilst treadmilling, totally WORKS. We used to have cable on all the cardio machines at one of my old apartment complexes. I refused to purchase cable because it would force me to work out so I wouldn’t miss my show!

    Great tips!

    Dom |

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