10 ways to get over the doldrums and get yourself motivated right now


Have you ever had days where you feel like doing nothing? Days where it is a little harder to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. No I am not talking about depression – that is a whole different issue. If you are depressed, please seek medical attention as this is a serious health condition. What I am talking about is what can happen when you are just overwhelmed by all of life’s daily to do list. When it gets hard to get and keep yourself motivated to accomplish your daily tasks.

These are just a few ways that I have found can help you get over the doldrums

1- Take a snow day. Yep you heard it.   Pretend you are back in elementary school and there has been a blizzard.  Go ahead call in sick and take the day off. This can also be called a mental health break. There is no better therapy than to just take time off and do nothing. Sleep in and stay home in your pajamas. You will be so much better the next day and ready to tackle your life again

2- Go ahead book yourself a massage. Don’t underextimate the power of the total complete relaxation that comes from strong hands kneading and untangling those tangled and tired muscles. Do it! You will thank me later!

3- Medidation. Yes get into it! I know most people find it really difficult to do but it takes lots of practice to perfect it. Being able to clear your mind to meditate is quite an art. I find it is best to start with maybe 5 minutes then build up gradually. The benefits have been documented medically for lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

4- Do you yoga? Getting into your mind and body the only way yoga can will help to relieve the daily stresses of life. And you get to lenghten and limber up your muscles at the same time

5- Exercise. Nothing beats a little sweating and some heavy breathing to get your endorphins going. Whether you are walking, running, doing a class or in the weight room – what ever form your exercise takes, it is a good way to clear your head and get back in the game of life.

6- Do you enjoy reading or writing. This will guaranteed temporarily take your mind off this world and get it into another. It allows you some time to recharge.

7- Are you creative? This is another good way to unwind. What are you good at? Is it painting, drawing, pottery, jewelry making etc. My personal favorite is cooking. It is so relaxing to be in the kitchen, chopping and dicing and mixing and coming up with something amazing!

8- A good soak in the tub never hurt anyone. Another excellent way to unwind if you don’t like massages – not that I understand why any one would not like a good massage. Add some aromatherapy oils and soak it in

9- Watch a moivie or binge watch a TV series or just listen to music.  This is called media therapy. Another way to immerse yourself in a different world until you are ready to get back into yours

10. Go ahead, call a friend and go out to breakfast, lunch, happy hour (my personal favorite) or dinner. Relaxing with a friend or your significant other over the beverage of your choice, talking and laughing will elevate your mood everytime.

I hope one, two, several or all of these suggestions will help you get out that funk.                                                                                                                                              Do you have other suggestions to add to my list?

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15 Comments on “10 ways to get over the doldrums and get yourself motivated right now

  1. As a psychiatrist I could not agree with you more.

  2. Yes! Spot on! A walk noticing Nature also puts things back into perspective for me. Thanks Jovita!

  3. These are all awesome tips for recharging. I particularly love the snowday tip! I have such a hard time getting days off that when I do it feels overwhelming picking between be productive and do errands or give myself a day for me. I need to pick me days more often lol! Thanks for the awesome post!

    I go and grab a treat for myself if I can’t swing a day off or a solid time to self-care. A green tea matcha smoothie or an iced coffee boost my mood tenfold.

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