how will they remember you?

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This is not meant to be a morbid post, but I feel that from time to time we each have to think about our mortality. We all know that no one lives forever, yet we don’t like to acknowledge that fact. Knowing this fact, what I have started to think about lately is, “what is my legacy?’, ‘how will people remember me?’, ‘have I made a positive or negative impact?.’

We do not all have to be Steve Jobs or Barack Obama or Mother Theresa to leave any kind of legacy or impact in life. Our individual legacy or impact will be different. Some will be on a small scale and some will be on the big stage. As a matter of fact, I think it is important to start small. It may get big depending on where life leads you.

These are a few ways you can start to do small things that will leave an impact.

1- Be kind. They say charity begins at home. So true! This is so simple. Be nice to your siblings, parents, children, friends. Volunteer to help when they need help. Say kind words of encouragement whenever you can. Be supportive of them and their efforts especially if its not the norm. Give a helping hand to someone that’s struggling. Remember anything you give whether it is your time, or money will be repaid to you in multiples. I truly believe this!

2- Be socially conscious. Once you master kindness to close friends and family then it is easier to take it beyond. There are so many causes out there in need of support. Pick one or two or three- whatever you can handle and support it. Again support can be in the form of your time or money. A few ideas for causes out there are- Komen breast cancer foundation, St Jude children’s research hospital, American foundation for Suicide prevention, Alzheimer’s foundation, Foundation for the homeless, Global hunger foundation, Stop bullying Foundation, LGBTQ foundation and so many more.

3- Be a global citizen. So now that you are kind to your close people and you are involved in social causes around you, it is now time to take it global. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. All that’s involved for this is to pay attention to what is happening globally- racism, child trafficking, injustices to women, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, lack of access to healthcare, and corruption. Watch the news and please do go beyond CNN and venture into BBC. Talk about these injustices, blog about it, post about it on social media so that more people are aware that it is going on. After all, we are all part of one race- the human race

4- Advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves. This includes children, the elderly, disabled people and minority groups. Again start small- speak up if you hear someone use a derogatory term or racial slur or make an inappropriate joke.

5- Always be on the right side of history politically. We all know instinctively what is right and what is wrong but because of our political party affiliate often doing what is right or wrong is a whole other story. An example of this is: Let’s say you are in your 70s and your grandchild is studying the year 2018 in history class and asks what your stance was on the Syrian refugee crisis for instance. We know what the right answer to that is. But will that be the answer you give your grandchild? So, it is important to think beyond today as your actions have future impact.

These are just a few things that are important for us all to be doing as part of the human race. When you are no longer here these are some things that people may say about you:

He/she was very kind. Always ready to help, always supportive and always has something nice to say.

He/she cared so much about the homeless and their plight. They always donated food and clothes to the homeless. They also left donations in their will to several charities

He/she was always so concerned about lack of access to healthcare in certain parts of the world and made sure everyone supported The American Red cross and doctors without borders.

He/she was very passionate about the disabled and not only volunteered but would not hear anyone speak badly of them in their presense

He/she did not belong to any political party. They just wanted someone in office who would do the right things for the country so they fought for individual issues.

Does that not sound nice?

So, what will your legacy be?

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12 Comments on “how will they remember you?

  1. Lovely post Jovita it brought a tear to my eyes, I would hope the answer to that question would be ” she was a kind person that cared about everyone “.


  2. Oh, what a lovely post…I have been doing much soul-searching on this very topic lately. I am generally ‘nice’ but I KNOW I could step up far more than I do. I find it harder and harder NOT to shout (lovingly, of course 😊) from my rooftop when I witness racism, homophobia, misogyny and hatred. After 56 years of not rocking the boat, I think I am ready to step out of my comfort zone, and I do believe my life is about to get a whole lot more interesting…my sincerest thanks for the pep talk 😊

  3. Beautiful message. I will always strive to follow those pearls!

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