Why do I Instagram?

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Those who know me know that I am a very private person. I had to be dragged, kicking and screaming plus a whole lot of peer pressure into the whole social media craze. I started tentatively with LinkedIn as this was professional, then ventured into Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and finally Instagram. Honestly I don’t even understand how some of these social sites work, especially Snapchat which my kids and their friends love. I have recently started to stir away from Facebook as I don’t appreciate some of its malignant potential. I find that there is lots of showoffiness (is that even a word?) , bullying and political grandstanding, that goes against the original intent of the medium. This is so different from Instagram, which I really like because you can post a photo with little or no words and it tells a story. It is so much easier, for me, to navigate than a lot of the other social sites and has become my go to.

I initially started to Instagram just to share family photos and various activities and trips. Earlier this year after a lot of soul searching that can only happen after a milestone birthday, I decided to shift my focus slightly.

As a cancer doctor, I see so many young women with young children diagnosed with breast cancer. Many survive and many still do not. I started to think of what else I can do for these women. Medically, I have done all I can. Their families and friends I know do so much else for them with home care and childcare. I still felt that I could do more.

When you are faced with a potentially fatal illness all you can think about is,  ‘ Am I going to die?’ And the answer is, yes we are all going to die. But no one wants to die right now at a young age. We all want to live long enough to see our kids graduate from school, get married, have our grand children etc. No one wants to die before they have actually had a chance to LIVE.

So with that Live! Balancing life with Jovita was born. My Instagram handle was changed to @lifewithjovita.

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The idea being that I wanted to live the life that some of my patients and many others suffering from debilitating or fatal illnesses cannot. I am very social and enjoy outings and parties and friends. But I, like so many of us get caught up and so busy with our lives and work and family that we don’t get to make time for the fun stuff. So I started to Instagram my various fun activities and outings because I want to encourage all able bodied, healthy women to go out there and LIVE. Live for yourself. Live for my patients. Live for those who cannot do so.

Life is too short and you only live once is not a cliche. It is reality. I know this because I see it daily in practice. People get sick unexpectedly and then all those things we put off to do later in life never get done.  Live for now. Live with no regrets. Travel when you can. Hug your children often. Have fun with your friends. Make time for your spouse or significant other. Eat out. Go dancing. Take a day off. Play in the rain or the snow. Laugh often. Believe in something. Don’t get caught up in the minutia of life. Don’t judge others, they too are living their lives.

So why do I Instagram? I Instagram to share the life that I am living for me and for those who cannot.

As always thanks for reading and check me out on Instagram @lifewithjovita



5 Comments on “Why do I Instagram?

  1. Amen!!! I have always had the philosophy of live today like it is your birthday everyday! Everyday is a celebration of life. i totally agree and get what you are saying. Truthfully that is how I like to live my life and wish and hope that everyone could do the same. No complaining,
    over the small stuff. Life is big and we have to try and live big!
    I enjoyed your comments and your beliefs.
    Love, Marcia

    • Marcia thanks so much for your comments. You are the best!!!

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