When the cape comes off

What cape I’m I talking about? You all know the one. The same one you see on any standard issue Marvel superhero. I know this is an odd title for a post, but seems appropriate for my current situation.

Most parents especially moms are super people. We run around when our kids are young with our invisible capes, doing it all. We are able to balance running a household with all its complexities and various hats. At one moment we are chefs, whipping up the most amazing meal fit for a top rated restaurant. Then we are doctors mending the small and big booboos. At other times we are teachers patiently going through tedious homework and learning ‘new math’. We are the great negotiator- settling arguments, the biggest cheerleaders- at every game rain or shine, designers and tailors- making the most amazing Halloween and school play costumes. We are the very best friend, the confidant, the chauffeur, the super shopper, the cleaner, the disciplinarian, coordinator, event planner and so much more.

I honestly don’t know how we manage it all. And many times we do all that and have full time jobs too.

I was just noticing over the past few weeks how busy I feel I have been recently and yet I accomplish very little. As a new empty nester I feel I should have so much more free time and so much more done, since I don’t have to wear all the hats I wore when the kids where younger.

But alas! I am still looking for all my free time. Why do I feel like even with all this supposed free time, I still can’t seem to get much of anything accomplished.

How in the world did I manage to work full time (and dare I say worked a lot more when my kids were young), and still able to balance and get so much more done than I do now. I was able to work all day, get home and make dinner, supervise homework, get kids to various after school activities and get ready for the next day.

Now I barely have time to pick up takeout on my way home and pass out as soon as I hit the bed.

So this is what I think has happened. Please back me up all you fellow empty nesters if you agree.

I believe our cape has come off because with the kids are gone we no longer have use for it. The cape gives us super powers. We are able to do super human things. Once we get the kids out of the house and presumably ready to be on their own, only then can the cape come off as our jobs are done.

For those that say, our jobs are never done. I agree. I think the cape will appear as needed over our children’s lives.

For now that is my explanation of what’s going on. I refuse to accept that I can’t do as much anymore because – what? – I’m getting old!

Kindly let me know your thoughts.

As always, thanks for reading.



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