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As a working mom I am always looking for easier, less stressful, quicker ways to do things. We all know that time spent doing minutiae is time wasted that we will never get back. And that quality time with husband and kids is what life is all about, right? These are some of the things that have really helped me in those years that my kids were growing up. Some I still use now.


Travel is important to me and my family. Whether it is local, out of state or out of the country, we have a need to pack up and go somewhere often. Preferably at least once a year out of the country.

1-What I started doing some years ago to alleviate the stress of coming up with a big chunk of money when we decide where we are going, is saving all year long. We call it our vacation fund and put money into it monthly. By the end of a year, you have a tidy amount that goes to pay for vacation without breaking into your bank. I am by nature a saver and do this for most things- I also do a college and Christmas savings.

2-We also get the kids involved in choosing our next travel location. This gets them involved so they don’t act like bratty ungrateful kids who are being dragged to vacation. They actually enjoy it as they get to do a little research ahead of time into currency, cuisine, customs, history, popular sites. When they were younger we made them write reports upon return.

3-I have a suitcase just about always ready to go. A toiletry bag holds duplicates of all the makeup, lotions, perfumes, hair care items, that I use at home. So I don’t have to run around trying to put my bag together before we travel. There is always workout clothes and sneakers in my ready to travel bag. Same with underwear and pajamas. Once the basics are done, all you need to come up with is your day to day attire. If you have younger kids, do the same for them.

4-An easy packing tip is BLACK. Black can be dressed down or up. Always pack a dress, jeans, a pair of heels. This way you are prepared if you have to go out to dinner or somewhere fancy

5-If going someplace far and especially if connecting flights, you need these in your carryon. Your medicines. A toothbrush and toothpaste. Deodorant. Your contact lenses and or glasses. Hand sanitizer and wipes. A charger for your devices. Earphones. A universal electrical plug. A change of underwear. A change of clothes. A big scarf that doubles as a blanket. A neck pillow. Your laptop, iPad, kindle, reader, book, playing cards, magazine. Snacks. You never know when your flight will be delayed or your suitcase won’t make it.

What about you? How do you keep efficient when traveling? Please do share your tricks or suggestions with me.

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  1. Great tips Jo! Do you store the almost prepacked luggage where you typically store your luggage ? I love the idea but would feel weird with a pre packed luggage in my basement I think …

    • Thanks. I would feel weird too. No I keep a bag in my closet. Then transfer it to the luggage when about to travel.

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