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Are we all hoarders?

I really believe that to some extent we are all hoarders. I would never have even put myself in that category one month ago, were it not for recent events. So background: I am a prototypical type A personality. I am a self diagnosed…


Having it all

Can a woman have it all? Do you know any woman that has it all? What does it even mean to have it all? Well let me break it down for you. You have it all when you are on top of the world….

Life hacks by me -travel

As a working mom I am always looking for easier, less stressful, quicker ways to do things. We all know that time spent doing minutiae is time wasted that we will never get back. And that quality time with husband and kids is what…

When the cape comes off

What cape I’m I talking about? You all know the one. The same one you see on any standard issue Marvel superhero. I know this is an odd title for a post, but seems appropriate for my current situation. Most parents especially moms are…

I have lists for my lists

      Please tell me that I am not alone in this. Do you make lists for everything? I do! Everyone I know tells me that I am the most organized person they know. And I pride myself in my ability to be…

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